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Q: What are your development rates?
A: Our standard rate is $50/hr. The hours required to build some sites and applications varies based on complication, third party involvement, or licensing.
Q: What does that rate cover?
A: Most services we offer fit this umbrella fee.
  • Domain registration.
  • Hosting setup.
  • Tech support.
  • Configuration of websites.
We cannot, however, group:
  • Hosting
  • Domains and transfer fees.
  • Royalty free images
  • Third party licenses for alternative applications
  • Tech support for existing domains, hosts, services, or applications.
  • Transfer time from one server to another and debugging.
  • Site maintenance agreements.
Under this umbrella.
Q: What does the PC Megaworks plugin do?
A: Our Megaworks plugin consolidates common functionality such as google maps, user group administration, and custom form creation into a single plugin.
Q: Aren't there already plugins that provide those features?
A: Independently yes, but there sometimes you don't need a tank to swat a fly. This in an effort to provide lighter versions of some of the more common features we've seen requested over the years.
Q: Is the plugin free?
A: Yes. While we're in beta, the helpdesk and updates are free. Enjoy!